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Abstract submission is closed. The conference program will be built around the abstracts that were submitted for DevRes2020 as well as the abstracts that were submitted in a later call related to Covid-19 after the conference was postponed to 2021. 

In regards to publications

The organizing committee is not planning on a mutual publication of abstracts and papers from the conference outside of the official website. 

Poster Presentations
Prior to the conference, presenters will receive an external link, username, and password along with detailed instructions on how to make an electronic poster. Once a presenter has logged into the iPoster system, they can create an interactive, multimedia poster with high-resolution images, detailed charts and diagrams, slide shows, videos, and audio files.

The posters will be displayed and easily accessed through the digital conference platform. Visitors will be able to scroll through poster content, click on images to enlarge them, and watch and listen to video and audio files anytime during or after the conference.

Oral Presentations
All speakers will be contacted prior to the conference with detailed information about how they will be able to participate on the digital conference platform.