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For questions regarding registration please contact:
Jesslyn Rose

Jesslyn Rose 
090-13 00 35

For questions regarding abstracts and the conference program please contact the organizing committee at

Per Nilsson Anna-Karin Hurtig Rupali Bhalerao Raman Preeet


Anna-Karin Hurtig, chairperson
Magnus Evander, Faculty of Medicine
Rosa Goodman, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences
Elisabeth Olivius, Faculty of Social Sciences
Dan Wilhelmsson, Swedish Research Council
AnnaKarin Norling, SIDA
Kerstin Engström, Faculty of Arts
Stina Jansson, Faculty of Science and Technology
Joacim Rocklöv, , Faculty of Medicine
Per Bergling, Faculty of Social Sciences
Thomas Olofsson, Faculty of Science and Technology
Raman Preet, administrative support
Rupali Bhalerao, administrative support
Per A Nilsson, administrative support