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DevRes Interns


#DevRes2021 is supported by a team of 12 young dynamic professionals, DevRes Interns, representing various disciplines and universities of Sweden. They will be assisting the conference by performing various responsibilities including, supporting the chairs and moderators of each session and actively interacting on social media. Meet them during the conference and watch out for them during the final session on June 16th at 16:00hrs when they will creatively voice for way forward in advancing the SDG agenda!

Sarah Osman, Interns Coordinator
Rupali Bhalerao, Intern Support
Raman Preet, Intern Support

The interns and their email addresses.

Name Email
Kilonzo Richard
Davis Balwiire
Amanda Lundberg
Sergio Flores
James Atwine
Zia Farooq
Natxo García López
Harsha Kumari
Emmy Bwimba
Jasmine Brown
Ommy Mushota
Christian Troh