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Welcome to DevRes2021!

The conference will be held digitally on June 14-16, 2021.

The theme for this years conference is Advancing Sustainable Transformation.

Meeting the grand challenges of our time requires societal transformation. Our research is increasingly influenced by the 2030 Agenda with its seventeen Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), not least when aiming to improve conditions in low-resource settings.

Research for development covers a broad range of topics and approaches, which generate knowledge that benefits sustainable development. So far, more than 200 researchers, policy makers, practitioners, funders and other stakeholders have confirmed that they will participate at DevRes 2021.

At this conference, we aim to provide a creative forum for all participating and connecting to contribute on how research for development can advance the transformation for sustainability with focus on low-resource settings.

Organizers: Umeå University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, the Swedish Research Council, Sida and Formas.

When referencing this conference on social media, please use #DevRes2021


Slideshow of pictures from Umeå University